Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok, so I've got a confession to make about this post:  these pictures are actually from last Thanksgiving.  I was going to put them on facebook to share them, but somehow it all got forgotten.  So, here is the long lost story.  Thankfully it's a short long lost story.  Last Thanksgiving we made like 3 pies and Chocolate Creme Pie just so happened to be on that list.  Well, since there were 3 pies, only a little was eaten of each one.  So after dinner I took it upon myself to put the pies away.  So I put the Chocolate Creme in the refrigerator first, then comes the Apple Pie; only they would both fit better if the Apple Pie went in before the Chocolate Creme.  *here it comes*  I grabbed the edge of the Chocolate Creme foil pie plate, began sliding it out, started to lift, realized I didn't have firmly enough in my hands and .....*slip*.....Just like that.  The pie flipped, but amazingly I caught most of it with my hand.

As I said, I salvaged most of it, but now it's more like a pudding than a pie.  It still tasted pretty good though!

This is me cleaning up the part I wasn't able to rescue.  Of course Anna had to run and get a camera before I was done cleaning up.

The whole thing was pretty funny though.  As soon as it fell I gasped, causing Anna to look over and see what I had done, resulting in a gasp of her own.

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