Friday, December 23, 2016

Trust the Lord

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6~

For a long time, this has been one of my favorite passages in Scripture. It’s been my go-to in the roughest times of my life. Trust in the LORD, it says. Begin with trusting the Lord. Sadly, sometimes our own ego makes this easier said than done. With all thine heart, it further beckons. Don’t keep anything hidden away for yourself when you bring it to God. Lean not unto thine own understanding, it pleads. Don’t try and figure it out on your own. Don’t for one second believe you can do it without the Lord. In all thy ways acknowledge him, it commands. Every single thought you have about whatever it is you’re dealing with, give it to God. And he shall direct thy paths, it grants. Having done all these things, the Lord will lead us to where He wants us to be and where we will grow the most in Him.

I am fairly used to holding on to things I really want with all my might and not letting God bear the burden for me. This has always led eventually to me getting dragged further and further down into a state of being that even I did not like. It seemed when I was finally brought to my lowest and, many times, not until then, I would then give it to God and oh, what a physical weight was lifted off of my being when I surrendered to God. The Lord wants to help His children and if we will only come to His throne of grace we would find mercy (Heb. 4:16 – another of my favorites). He will always be there and He will never turn His own away. After all, what is there on earth or in heaven that could possibly separate us from the love of Christ (Rom. 8:35)? That great love made us joint-heirs with Him in glory (Rom. 8:17). He will never leave us or forsake us (Heb. 13:5), despite the many times we attempt to run from Him and His will. There are so many promises from the Savior that we turn our backs on by not bringing our burdens to the Lord.

Oh, that He would cleanse me and create a new and clean heart in me (Ps. 51:10). Oh that I would be more like Him. And oh, that I would trust Him with my whole heart and not rely on my own strength and that I would always find Him in every circumstance in my life. Oh Lord, guide me on my way!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Daddy

I've been watching my dad, lately.  Just like I did with my mom I've been noticing his actions and responses to the situations that we find ourselves in.  My dad is encouraging, strong, and full of love.  And I want to show y'all that that's exactly how I see him.

My whole life my dad has always been there for me.  In every smart pursuit I wanted to follow he was always right there telling me that I could do it or pushing me to strive harder towards the goal I had for myself.  He taught me a lot about music, even though he doesn't even play an instrument.  His encouragement in the music part of my life gave me the confidence to become the pianist I am today. 

If I was ever down about something or didn't know what to do he always did.  He'd grab my hands, bow his head and begin praying to our Lord to show me the way.  Of course he would give me fatherly advice, but at the end of it all, he always left it in the Lord's hands where it belonged.  He always encouraged me to trust God with my troubles.

Some people would say my dad is too strict of a person.  I think I would prefer to use the word strong.  Just because my dad has rules doesn't make him too strict.  All of the rules he implements in this family are because he believes it's the right thing to do or to protect us from making stupid decisions.  In my case, I've made some stupid decisions anyway, but I've regretted them and wished I hadn't done them.  But even when I do stupid things, Dad still loves me and explains why he does certain things and most of the time I learn from those mistakes.

My dad is strong in his faith.  He believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and he points us to Him every chance he gets.  He sets an example I hope I can one day follow with my children.  Every time he sits down to do devotions with us he talks about the gospel and the wonderful and terrible God that is behind everything.  He is steady in his beliefs and wants his whole family to believe and be strong in the Lord.  I pray to one day be as good an example in this area as my father is to me.

My dad is full of love.  Everything previously mentioned proves to me that he loves his family.  But there are other tells.  When he comes home from working late and I've been waiting all day to talk to him about something, whether it's exciting or troubling, he doesn't just talk to me about it - he wants to talk to me about it.  He gives me money when I don't ask for it but he knows I need it.  He works as much as he can to provide for his family.  He supports us in our good endeavors.  And I believe it is also love when he doesn't support us in our endeavors that may not be so good.  He kisses my cheek every morning; I love that.

My dad can be scary to some people, but I'm pretty sure that's only because they don't know him.  If they would take the trouble to get to know him they'd probably see him how I do: as a godly man who loves his family and strives to take care of them.  I'd say he does a pretty good job of it.

You know, in some of the job interviews I've had I was sometimes asked who would be my hero outside of my own family.  Well, when I think of a hero I think of my dad.  I always thought it wasn't fair for the interviewer to put stipulations on who would be my hero.  My dad isn't just my hero because he's my dad.  He's my hero because of everything he stands for and everything he does and everything he is.  My hero is encouraging, he's strong, and he's loving; he's the perfect role model.  And that's my dad.

So I want to thank my dad for being the best dad out there.

I love you, Daddy!
Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Mother

I've been thinking a lot about my mother, lately.  For the past couple of months I've been noticing the way she conducts herself on a regular basis.  I've seen her attitude, her demeanor, and her grace.  I've been noticing her.

I know almost every person says this about their mom and I think each person really believes it.  I know I definitely believe what I'm about to say: my mom is the best mom in the world!!!  Is she perfect?  Of course not, but she makes french toast and bacon for every birthday and every other special day in the year and that's near perfect, right?  

Seriously though, my mother loves me.  And she loves my dad.  And she loves my brothers and sisters.  I can see it.  It's plain as day.  And I think that's what makes her beautiful.

My mother and I don't always think the same way.  Sometimes we can be quite opposite in our thinking.  In times like these it's easy for me to get frustrated with her.  I know my mom can see my frustration, but she rarely gets frustrated back at me.  If it's a simple misunderstanding on my part she gently makes me understand.  And she talks things through with me when I'm really upset and tells me why this and why that.  Mama almost never gets upset; she's always calm and knows just what to say and do.

She encourages me.  Even when she's not trying, she's an encouragement.  It doesn't matter what I'm down about, if she knows about it she makes time to talk to me about it and tell me that everything will be ok, no matter the outcome.

I never ever hear my mother complain about anything.  She takes things as they are and if they're a little rusty she still makes the best of them.  

The most gracious person I know is my mom.  She always thinks the best of people and gives the benefit of the doubt when it's needed.  She never jumps to conclusions and she's always careful to say the right thing at the right time.  She never makes hasty judgments and she never intentionally says anything that could be interpreted as the least bit insulting to anyone.

Mama forgives, even when she isn't asked to.  She never holds anything that she's forgiven against you.  She doesn't ask for an apology; she just loves you even when she's been hurt by you.

My mother is the picture of what I want to be.  I look up to her and I hope to one day be just like her.  I feel like I fall so short of that.  It's difficult for me to forgive; I'm not very gracious; I'm not near the encourager that my mother is; and if I have to get up early to make breakfast for everyone chances are I'll be kind of grumpy.  So I think God knew exactly what He was doing in giving me my mother.  He gave me someone to learn from and someone to help guide me along life's road.

So I'd like to thank my mom for being the best possible mother she can be to me.

I love you, Mother!
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Life ~ Your Story

We all have multiple little stories going on in our lives, shaping us into who we are and who we will become.  But if we take a few steps back and look at things in a different light, all those little stories are really pieces of one big puzzle, creating one big story - your life.

I used to look at my life like it was a bunch of different stories.  If one story ended, but didn't have a good ending, well then, that was it.  There was no way there would ever be a happy ending to that part of my life.

I don't really like to get into personal details of why I write my posts, but for the sake of getting across what I'm trying to say in an understandable way, I'll bend that rule.  So, for example: college.  When I was nineteen I really wanted to go to college to study music.  Well, something happened and I didn't get to go.  I had always wanted to go to college, to get a higher education and here I was, nineteen years old, and there was a possible opportunity for me to go.  But it fell through.  I was so upset that I couldn't go to college that year that I was fed up with being excited about college at all.  It changed what I wanted.  I now greatly disliked the idea of going to college.

I didn't have a desire to go to college again until close to two years later.  However, this time was different.  Everything fell into place this time and I became a college student.  I suppose I just wasn't ready to be that far into the world when I was nineteen.  Looking back I can see I was a very impressionable girl and I might easily have strayed in my thinking and beliefs.  I know God knew this and I believe this is one of the reasons why He prevented me from going to college too soon.

Just because God may throw a wrench in your plans for the time being, that doesn't necessarily mean He will never grant us what it is that we want.  When I was nineteen I thought I'd never go to college.  God may just be waiting for the right time to bestow that thing.

There was another time when I thought it was the end of another story in my life.  This time, though, the disappointment was much greater than when I found out I couldn't go to college.  But God leads us to places that are far better than we could ever try to put ourselves in.  His ways are mysterious, but they are the best.  The way He worked that part of my life out really is amazing and I thank Him for it.

All these little stories in our lives have different meanings and happen for different reasons, but they're all part of one big story.  And that story is the story of us: how we react to things, the way we treat people, the ways we try to glorify God.  It's who we are.  If something doesn't happen the way we specifically want it to, that doesn't mean it's the end.  We still have choices to make and other things to do.  Life goes on and if we have to leave some things behind, then so be it.  God will take care of you.

I think I found the following on Pinterest:

Just when the caterpillar thought the world would end, 
it became a butterfly.  

Each time something really disappointing happened in my life, I thought the world would end.  Not literally, but I felt like there was no point to anything anymore.  I mean, everything I was trying to do and put all my effort into doing fell apart, so I felt like what's the use if it all ends up this way?  But it's not the end of the world.  One of my good friends gave me some great encouragement once by saying, "If it's not what God has for you at this time, then He has something better for you.  It may not be the same thing, but I guarantee you it will be better."

So you see, all these little stories in our lives, the good, the bad; the devastating, the joyful; are not really separate stories.  They're one story, all leading up to one purpose.  It's your life.  Live it in a way that's pleasing to God.  Trust Him and He will guide you through your story.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Life's Not Fair...Or Is It?

Somebody once told me that when they think something or someone isn't fair, they say just that: it's not fair.  Then she told me that she says to herself, "Life's not fair, and you can't expect it to be, so shut up. They're not perfect and I can't expect them to be. I'm not perfect, or else I wouldn't be so mad right now."  I thought, wow, I wish I thought that when I thought something was unfair.  It would probably calm me down and make me less unhappy.  Sadly, when I get mad about something, I don't really want to calm down right away.  I want to be mad.  So, normally, when something isn't fair, I usually repeat it over and over in my head, making myself more and more upset.

But the last time that I thought something wasn't fair and I tried saying to myself that I can't expect everything to be fair, I thought about the sovereignty of God.  If God is sovereign, and something comes up that we don't like or think is unfair, what does that say about the way God plans things?

Is God Sovereign?  Yes.  Does He do things we don't like?  Yes.  Does He always have a plan or a reason why He does all things?  Yes.  God does what He does for the good of His own children.  Like it or not, He knows better than we do.  So when "life's not fair," "turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Look full into His wonderful face.  And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace."  Don't dwell on your unhappiness - you'll only become angrier.

All things are ordained of God; thus, all things are fair.  This is something I need to remind myself of daily.  When things don't seem to be fair, stop and think that maybe God is sparing you from going through trials, or teaching you a much needed lesson, or saving you from heartache, or preserving your life from a terrible accident, or a number of other things.  When things don't go your way, stop and thank God that things are going His way and that His way is much better than your own.

So, the only thing I would omit from the above quote is the first sentence that says that life isn't fair.  We can still tell ourselves that we're not perfect and nobody else is, save God.  The more we humble ourselves and bring ourselves low to the feet of Jesus, the more He will raise us up and bless us and bless His holy name through us.  And that must be the greatest blessing - for Christ to be glorified through us.

Bless God for the "unfairness" we go through, because He has all things under control and He is always watching us.  He will not allow us to be tried beyond that which we are able.  He will give us the strength we need to make it through anything and everything He puts along our path.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adjust Your Focus

When life gets blurry
Adjust your focus

Yes, something else I found on Pinterest.  I saw it and it just stuck out at me.  Maybe you can't see real far ahead.  You may not know what the outcome of something will be.  Perhaps you're afraid to take a leap of faith because you did once before, it turned out bad, and you don't want the same result to happen this time.

We seem to have this tendency to look way ahead into the future and try to predict how this little act, or deed, or whatever it is - how this thing will affect that other little thing that we'll come across years down the road.  Sometimes this is a good thing.  Sometimes not.

We don't always have to think real hard about something.  We don't always have to labor over every little thing.  If we do this all the time, we're going to stress out (and believe me, that's not fun).  You won't always know how something will turn out.  You won't always even have an idea of how something will turn out.  So when things turn that blurry, adjust your focus.  Concentrate on the here and now.  Leave the there and then to God.  He will take care of everything in the way that He chooses.  And ultimately, as God is sovereign, whatever we choose to do now will bring about what God wills in the future.

So if Christ is pointing you towards something right here and now, then take that leap of faith.  Don't be afraid, for it is God that goes with you.  Trust Him to take your hand and lead you down the road He has made for you.  Trust Him, even when you can't see past the curve in the road up ahead.  Adjust your focus: don't worry about where the road leads, but keep your eyes on Christ.  Look to Him for all your needs.  You can try to tackle those needs yourself, but you won't get very far.

Adjust your focus so that Christ is front and center, first and foremost.  Everything else will line up behind Him.

As a good friend of mine likes to say, "I'll blow that bridge when I come to it."  I pointed out to him once that he had better cross the bridge before he blows it.  Anyway, he's got a good point.  Most of the bridges we cross, or the little steps we take, we don't need to re-cross back to the other side again.  We've gained all that ground and we certainly don't want to lose it.  My point, I guess is what I've already said, but I liked this analogy.  Keep your focus on Christ.  Follow Him through and in everything.  And once He leads you across a bridge, don't go back to the other side.  Blow that bridge to be sure you won't.  But you definitely want to make sure you've crossed it first. ;)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


What is prayer?  Why do we hear that it's such a good thing to have?  When we tell a fellow brother or sister in Christ our troubles, why do they always tell us to pray about it?  What about prayer is so important?  And then, why is it that so often we don't feel the want or even the need to pray?

Let me answer these questions one at a time.  Prayer is a sword.  Prayer is a shield.  Prayer is a comfort.  Prayer is an escape.  Prayer is all these things.  But above all these, prayer is the entrance through which we find the throne of grace.

The more one prays in sincerity to the Father, the stronger that individual grows in their faith in the Lord Jesus.  The stronger in faith this person becomes, the more able he is to encourage his brother in Christ to keep running the race.  And the more this person lifts up his head to Christ, the more the Lord will bless him with a knowledge of Himself.

When trials come our way (as is sure to happen), and when you tell your best friend what you are going through, that friend would be remiss if they didn't tell you that the best place to take those troubles is to the Lord of grace.  (I'm not saying that you shouldn't tell your best friend when you're going through struggles.  Only simply saying that Christ should be approached with such trials, as well.)  In most cases, your friend will only be able to sympathize with you.  The Lord Jesus is the only one who can truly help you completely through the trials of life.

The importance of prayer is not to be taken lightly.  Prayer is your direct access to the Father of heaven.  Prayer can move the heart of God.  When you're stressed or overwhelmed, it is a comfort to be able to approach the Father about these things, knowing that He won't turn you away.  When the Christian forsakes prayer at any time, they can not be truly happy, for that communion with the Father is what makes them thrive.

All too often, we do leave off of praying.  We do this because we either don't want to or don't feel the need to.  If we don't want to, we've let something else catch hold of our attention, and shamefully, we put it before our God, thus making it an idol.  If we don't feel the need, it's because the devil has come in to the picture and has told us that we are happy where we are right now, so what possible need could there be for prayer?  Let me tell you something.  There is always need for prayer.  In dark days and in days filled with sunshine, there is no true happiness or joy if Christ the Lord is not a part of it.

Another reason we may not want to pray is because we have been praying. Earnestly praying.  And no matter how many times we seek the Father's face, we feel not the slightest bit of His presence.  We don't hear any answers.  And so we give up.  Please don't give up!  I can't stress this enough.  I've been in that situation and believe me when I say that it is much worse than crying out to God night after night with no answer.  Thy prayer will be answered; if not now, then later.  Be patient and wait, as difficult as that may be.  It's likely the Lord wants to teach you a specific lesson while you wait.  But be certain, He will answer thy pleas.  Psalm 102:17 says, "He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer."  So take comfort in this and wait patiently on the Lord.

The following is something else I found on Pinterest.  It actually gave me the idea for this post.  The Christian must pray.  It's not a rule, it's a desire, even if that desire wanes sometimes.  It is always rekindled by the need to be near Christ the Savior.

"I pray because I can't help myself.
I pray because I'm helpless.
I pray because the need flows out of me all the time -
waking and sleeping.
It does not change God -
it changes me."
~C. S. Lewis~

The blessing is there.  Christ offers it freely.  It's ours for the taking.  If we will but pray to our heavenly Father, we can claim it as our own.  And we will rest content, knowing that God is in control of any and every circumstance.  So, have faith.  Have faith to believe in Jesus Christ and don't leave off thy prayers.