Monday, February 14, 2011

Just for Your Information

Every once in a while Nathan informs us of, well, some information that's, well, information, but it's just not useful info.  But sometimes it's interesting.  Last night he was giving us some tid-bits of info (which he likes to refer to as "knowledge") and this was one of the tid-bits.  In short, he said that sleeping with the light on is not good for a person, because it makes it easier for that person to gain weight. 

Zach pipes up and says, "Well, you might gain weight, but at least it'll be light weight!"  And that, of course had everyone exploding with laughter.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dinner Table Fun

Last night at the dinner table, Dad decides to have a little fun with the apples.  Anna and I sit on either side of him, and he was playfully shoving the sliced apples in our faces and calling us Apple Cheeks.  Well, one time I blocked it and the apple fell into my lap, and I said to Dad jokingly, "Oh, great one!"

Dad turns right around with what I said and says, "Rachel, you shouldn't think so highly of me."

I just had to laugh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ski Trip: Part 2

  Here are the pictures I promised.  Sorry I don't have pictures of everybody; some people wouldn't be happy if I put up bad pictures of them.
                                            Abigail getting ready to shread some powder

       Mom warming up with some hot chocolate


                                          Dad, Nicole, and me waiting for the lift to open
                                        Me taking a break and warming up inside the lodge


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ski Trip

Well, you've probably guessed by the title that we went skiing.  We drove up to Leadville Sunday after the morning service, had pizza that night, and we all had a restless night.  Whether it was from being so exited about skiing the next day or the hotel beds were just not like our own beds at home, I guess we can't really know.

Ski Cooper is where we went skiing, and we got there at 8 a.m.  We were the first ones on the slopes and just about the only ones for a half hour or so, which was really nice not having to worry about running into anyone.

Everyone except Zach did the bunny hill first to make sure we had the feel of it, then we hit the real hills!  Dad, Jason, Nicole, and Zach passed me up very quickly, I didn't want to go down too fast the first time.  So, the second time I felt like I really was gettin' it and decided to go super fast.  I mean, I was bookin' down that mountain!  I passed up Zach and Nicole and when I saw Jason, decided to try to have a little race with him.  Bad idea.  When I tried to get closer to Jason I ran into some snow that wasn't groomed and hit my face to the snow.  I slid so far I almost burrowed a hole in that snow.  I'm sure it looked absolutely hilarious; I know that 'cause Jason and Zach were witnesses and said as much, but only after they knew I was ok.  I lost both my poles and both my skis in the fall and had to walk up the hill then down it to collect my gear.  It jarred my head a little bit and I did something to my right thumb.  I can hardly hold a pencil, can only play the piano so long before it gets stiff, and can barely pick anything up with my right hand.

Jason got hurt, too.  On his first run down the big hill, he hurt his knee somehow.  I didn't see it.  Well, he didn't know it was so bad until the end of the ski day when he took his boot off.  He's limping pretty bad.  He went to the doctor this morning and I don't remember what he said was wrong, but he's not supposed to work for a week and if his knee doesn't get better by then, he supposed to get an MRI.  So I wonder what Jason and Nicole are going to do with this week. 

I mostly went down green hills, but about an hour before the day over I attempted some blue with Dad, and that was really fun.  But I definitely did not do any black hills.  Maybe when I've gone skiing something like 6 times, I'll give the black a try.  Nathan did the black this time, though.  I think he did everything that Jason and Zach did.

As soon as I figure out how, I'll post pictures of the trip.  I think I speak very truthfully for everyone when I say that we all had a total blast on this ski trip!  I hope we can make this a yearly thing.