Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day

Dad really wanted a video for Father's Day since Mom got one and he thought it turned out so well.  So, that's what he got.  We filmed it at Jason and Nicole's house on a Sunday.  And Dad was pretty confused as to why he wasn't invited to come.  We eventually gave in and told him why we were going to Jason's and why he wasn't allowed to come along.  Then he was like, oh, ok.  So here are some pictures of the process and the video is at the bottom.

I actually have no idea why it looks like I'm scolding Zach here.  By the way, I got contacts, so I don't have to wear glasses all the time anymore!!!  It's AWESOME!!!

Jason played Dad in both mine and Zach's memories.  It was so funny how Jason looked just like Dad in Dad's bathrobe, hat, and slippers!

                     If you click on the video, it will go to the youtube site and you can see it bigger.

I love you, Daddy!  Thank you for doing everything you do for me.  And thank you for guiding me and really talking to me about stuff when I needed it.  I love you so much! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Hiking

Abigail, watching Dad, Zach, and Nathan build a dam.

Me and Abigail, I'll confess I went up there with Ab so I wouldn't get roped into building the dam with the guys.  It didn't work.  I ended up helping after all.

Dad, Nathan, and Zach starting to build the dam.

Anna, looking gorgeous.

Dad and Zach making progress on the dam.

Nathan with Prince.  Sadly, Prince is the only dog we have left.  Lady got really sick about a week ago and we had to put her down.  *tear*

Dad and Zach moving a big heavy rock into place on the dam.

Nathan and Zach in the Platte River.

Mom decided to get her feet wet.

The guys and Abigail decided to go for a swim in the Platte River.  I almost wanted to, but I didn't want to have to change my white shirt to do it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Hiking

In the above picture, do you see where the two hills dip down into each other?  Well, Dad, Zach, Nathan, Abigail, and I climbed all the way up there, turned left, and continued on up following a stream.  We wanted to find out where the origin of the stream was, and I think we did.  It pretty much vanished into the ground.  I was a little disappointed because by that time I was so tired and hot that I wanted the origin to be a big lake that I could jump in and go for a swim.  Oh well.  It took us a long time to climb up and then down that mountain.  At least 3 hours.  I think it was 9 p.m. by the time we got back down to the truck.

Nathan, after we got back to the truck.

Me.  My face, hands, and clothes were dirty from all of the charred trees.

Zach and Nathan.  It's probably a blurry picture because Mom or Anna most likely had to zoom in to get it.


We're all pretty sore in our legs from that adventurous trek, and I'm even sore in my arms.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Ok, so today was a warm spring day.  I would say that it was hot, but it was nothing compared to what the weather must have been like for my friends in Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin.  It's amazing, the weather here!  Since moving here from Missouri 2 years ago, it's not been that hard to notice that the weather is much kinder to us here; it's cooler in the summer, and not so bitter cold in the winter.  Ahh!  I love it here.  But I still miss home.

So anyway, our neighbor is going to be out of state for about 3 months and we were given directions today on how to water her flowers, trees, and lawn, and feed the birds.  Am I forgetting anything?  Oh yes, we're also mowing the lawn and clipping (more like demolishing) all the ugly shrubs in her yard and ours, and washing her windows.

The 3 of us gals sang at a retirement home today.  We sing at 4 places 2-4 times a month and we've all agreed that this is our favorite place to sing.  The people at this place seem to really enjoy it and want to hear us.  Plus, this place has the best piano out of all 4 places.  It's a mahogany colored Yamaha grand.  It's beautiful!  Only, the keys tend to stick the faster and louder you play.  Haha, it was so funny today.  I was playing the 3rd movement of one of Beethoven's Sonatas, and the sticking keys were really muddying up the sound, so Anna and Abigail stationed themselves on either side of the piano, and whenever they saw a rebellious key still sticking up, they'd reach in and push it down really quick.  It was so funny while it was happening, all 3 of us were laughing, and we must have been some kind of sight for the folks listening!  (Yeah, I guess you had to be there to get the real effect.)

I edited the following photo today.  I just put up a new post on my photography blog, so I just decided to put it up on this blog.
I saw this white and purple iris while walking the dogs yesterday morning.  I LOVE how the colors are on it!

So anyway, that's what I did today.  I know I haven't been getting many Sunday Hiking posts up lately and I'll try to get on that.  Those are my favorite posts.

On a side note, Mom and Dad's 23rd anniversary is tomorrow!  23 years!  19 of those 23 years they've spent raising me and I love them so much.  I know I am not the most perfect child in this family, I've got a tendency to rebel in certain areas, but they've dealt with me with love (more than I deserve I know) and firmness and prayed for me whenever I needed it.  Even when I didn't think I needed prayer.  But the truth that I've come to learn is, everyone needs prayer. Every day.  Every hour.   Every. Single. Minute.  So, thank you Mom and Dad for dealing with me the way you have for my whole life.  I love you so much!