Thursday, October 24, 2013

Near to Christ

Oh how I long for Christ to be near;
Oh how I long for blessed sweet peace;
Oh how I long for His coming to be here;
And for the day when mortal life shall cease.

I long, in midst of my trials, for Gilead's balm;
I long for the moment when Jesus shall say,
With His voice, full of love, and sweet calm,
"It is I, do not be not afraid"

Then in a moment as light sheds anew,
I see Christ is never away from His sheep;
I see and I wonder that this must be true,
How for His own glory He always will keep.

I long to be with Him and see His dear face;
Where when final breath greets, I know I'll be sent;
Up in His mansion, in the heavenly place;
Where no evil can taint and no sin can tempt.

But for right now He bids me stay.
So on this earth I make my home,
And try to bring glory to Jesus' dear name,
Till on this earth no longer I'll roam.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Jesus Christ is All in All to Me

Jesus Christ is all in all to me.
He's my Redeemer, Friend, and Comforter.
Faithful and true will He always be.
Full of strength and honor, glory and power.

He holds my life in His very hands.
At any time He may call me home.
To where I shall be far above the clouds,
And on this earth I shall no longer roam.

But while I'm here He grants my ev'ry need.
I'll never be in want while He's the Saviour.
And He will ne'er yield His crown for He's decreed
That He will be for ever and ever.

When I am afraid He calms my fears.
When in doubt He tells me He's the answer.
When my tears spill o'er He proves He cares.
When I'm far away He's always near.

Then oh my soul, why dost thou despair,
When Christ is all in all to thee?
Bring at once thy load for Him to bear.
There's no other one to hear thy plea.

Don't lose thy God in the business of this world.
Don't let the stress o'ercome thee like a wave.
Pray to thy God, Who's giv'n thee a sword.
He surely is thy God and will save.

Take the sword He's giv'n and wield it well;
It will be thy strength when thou hast none.
Thou hast the tools you need to dispel
Any gloom upon which thou hast come.

He tells me my cares on Him to roll;
That He'll bestow upon me joy and peace.
Tho I've sinned, He forgives in full,
And for me His love does never decrease.

Jesus Christ is all in all to me.
There is no greater source of power.
He's everything I want ever like to be.
He is the strongest and mightiest of towers.

So let me run to Jesus Christ,
And live my life in His loving arms.
His words are sweeter than honey to my taste.
May He always live and reign in my heart.