Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A while ago, we took all of our pictures off the computer and put them on a separate hard drive because they were taking up so much room.  So we only have a few recent pictures on the computer now, and if we want to see the other ones, we have to plug in the other hard drive.  Well, I needed a particular picture from the hard drive but had no clue which file it would be in.  So I went through all of the files on that hard drive!  And boy, we had a LOT!  Anyway, looking through all those pictures I stumbled upon these few.  And I just couldn't not put them up.  It's so fun to take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Dad and Zach looking AWESOME in their dressed-up cowboy outfits.
I think this is the most recent pic of the 6 Silverberg kids.  And this was taken last year in June.
Me, with my Missouri pastor and his wife.   I'm probably 12 or 13 here.
This is probably my favorite picture of Jason and Nicole.
I love this one of Abigail and Anna Marie.  It's so cute!
Jason.  This is one of the days he was riding bulls all day long.  Don't those chaps look so cool!
This baby camel was so adorable!  And he LOVED kisses!!!
Me and Anna.  This was at a friends' wedding.  It's supposed to be a pic of our hairstyles.
Me and Anna again.  Anna's on the left.  I love this one of us!  We were like 3 and 4 years old.
Well, not a very good facial expression.  I was actually trying not to make a face.  But everything else is kinda cool.  I'm 13 years old here.

There were a few others I thought about adding, but it would have made for a super long post.

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