Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Hiking

Ok.  So, last Sunday after church services we went out into the mountains as usual to let the dogs run and to roast our lunch (hot dogs-yummy!).  Then it started raining/snowing, so we packed everything up, got in the truck and set out for a little drive...or so we thought.  That "little drive" turned out to be around 5 hours long before we finally decided that we were lost.  It was really fun!  Even the part where we got stuck; we even had 4wheel drive, too!  Anyway, we finally pulled out the map, found out what general area we were in, but had to keep driving to find a sign so we'd know exactly where we were.  We found the sign, found the road we were on, but had no idea where on that road we were.  So, more driving until we found another sign, found out exactly where we were and started heading back to the highway the same way we came in.  The pictures below were taken by Mom and Anna.

The road we got stuck on.

Dad.  3 GIANT trees (they look giant, don't they?) had to be cut down for the truck to be able to make the turn.  It's a good thing we came prepared.  We always bring an axe, a saw, and 2 shovels on our Sunday outings.

Abigail.  Chilling (literally) while the guys get the truck unstuck.

Nathan.  Shoveling a path for the back wheel (which, by the way, was the wheel that was keeping us stuck).

Me and Abigail.  It doesn't really look all that stuck, does it?  Trust me, it was.
All us kids had to jump in the back of the truck with the dogs to put some weight in the back to help us get unstuck.

Cleaning our shoes before we get back in Dad's truck (which, by the way, is a huge mess and needs to be washed: outside, underneath, and engine; and vacuumed!  And who's expected to do all that?  That's right, your truly.).

See the elk at the bottom of the photo.

Believe it or not, Dad's truck was actually MUCH muddier the Sunday before last!

This is after we found ourselves and knew exactly where we were.

 It was all very fun, but when there's someone in the vehicle who gets carsick.........well, sometimes it's not so fun.  Very thankfully though, Dad stopped a few times to let me out and get some fresh air.  And that really made all the difference!

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  1. It was a fun afternoon, but I have to admit I was getting a little nervous when we were lost and it was snowing and getting late in the day. I felt much better once we figured out where we were.