Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photography Contest

Play the Buttons
 So, this is my entry for Grace's photography contest   It might be amateur, but how am I ever going to get better if I don't try?  The inspiration for the picture was supposed to be Simplicity.  Pianos are pretty simple, right?  You see them almost everywhere.  But the piano is special to me because it's sort of like a connection between me and my dad, even though he doesn't play.  Ever since I was 8 he's always encouraged me to be the best I could on the piano.  When there was a piece I "knew" I couldn't learn, he'd push and push in the most encouraging way imaginable until I had it learned, thus proving me wrong.  A lot of times in the evenings when I'm playing the piano, he'll come in and say, "Lets sing."  And that's what we would do.  Sing our hearts out for the Lord together.  Now, I believe I can play any piece of music on the piano with just a little practice.  And while the piano isn't the only thing that keeps us close, it is one of them.
Now, the buttons...well, they weren't very special to me at first.  We always kept a tin of them somewhere in the kitchen just in case someone needed a new button for a sweater or a pair of pants or something.  They became a little more special to me when Mom told me how her mom always had a glass jar of buttons lying around to use for crafts or clothes.  And when Mom had a jar of her own, she was happy just to be able to replace missing buttons.  But when she started a button jar for me, saying that, "Every girl should have a button jar for when she's married." it became much more special to me.  Sometimes it's just that way: some things just aren't special to you until they're given to you by someone you love.
I guess the name I picked is kind of silly.  It's a spin off of "Push you Buttons" and "Play the Piano".


  1. Love the colors on the black and white keys.

  2. Thanks! The colors of the keys are probably a little different than most pianos because the keys on my piano are ivory.

  3. You are welcome. The composition is sweet and the angle adds to the feeling.