Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday Hiking

Ok, so now that I'm done redesigning, I think I should get a post up here.  It's been a while!  Unfortunately, all of the pictures I took with Mom's Canon were accidentally deleted, and I'm very sad about it. :'(  I had some really good ones I wanted to share too, but y'all will just have to put up with my little Exilim. 

See that cliff on the left of the pic?  See how it sorta looks straight up and down?  Well, you're right, it is.  The guys decided that it would be a good idea to climb that cliff -- all the way to the top!  Nathan got pretty close and Dad and Zach attempted to follow saying, "How did you get up there?"  I don't know if they succeeded, I ended up leaving with Anna to go back to camp and do some more photo shooting.

This picture is taken from our campsite.  We had an even better view in the other direction.


Lady.  I'm actually a little surprised I got this shot.  I tell you, our dogs are camera shy.  Big time.  Every time someone points a camera just in their direction, they either look away, get up and walk off, or both.

Nathan.  I know I didn't get the top or the bottom of this cliff, but he's actually pretty high up.  And yes, this is the cliff I mentioned earlier.

Abigail actually took this photo.  For some reason I just really like it; it captivates me.  But apparently I'm the photographer in this family of that opinion.

Now this one.  Weird right?  But I kinda like the way that whenever I photo the sun like this, everything else goes black.  I know that I'm not "supposed" to point my lens at the sun, and maybe some day I'll regret it, but I think it's pretty cool how it turns out.  If it burns out my lens, I guess I'll just have to buy another camera.

My most recent portrait.


  1. That is an amazing place for a campsite. Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Please, please, don't every point MY camera at the sun. Thank you.