Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Hiking

As some of you know, after the service on Sundays, our family heads out to the mountains, woods, parks, or somewhere to have lunch and hike around a little.  Here are some pictures from last Sunday.

                                          Lady, I love pictures of our dogs in the snow

                                                  Prince with Lady in the background

            Prince.  Prince and Lady were named after Almonzo's horses in Little House on the Prairie.

                                               Dad, enjoying the fire after having built it.

       Me.  I had to jump on the wood that i couldn't break with my knee or one foot.

It doesn't show me breaking through it, but I did.

                                       Abigail, probably getting rocks for the fire pit.

Nathan.  A little later in the day, he went "tree-jumping" where he jumped to the top of a tree from a cliff an swung like a monkey from tree to tree!  It looked really fun; I almost wanted to do it.  I wish we had some pictures of it.  He had us take videos of it with his ipod.

                                                      Zach with his dog looking cool.

Some of us went rock climbing for our hike.  It was so fun!  When we got back, we pulled out the twinkies and the chocolate cupcakes and chips and dug in.

       Zach eating a twinkie.  Look at how Prince it eyeing that yummy snack!  

  Zach again.  This one is just hilariously funny!!!  It's so cool how Mom got a flame from the fire in this one!

Well, I guess that's it.  Every time we go for our Sunday hikes, I'm reminded of the awesome wonders that God can do.  Even with just a landscape!  When we climbed to the top of the rocks, we could see everything around us.  We were surrounded by mountains close to us, valleys, dirt roads, and snow-topped mountain peaks far off.  It was amazing!

I'll probably be posting a few more Sunday Hiking posts in the future.

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