Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skirts? Or Pants? Or Does it Matter?

A short while ago, Dad asked all of his children if there was anything that we did not agree with him on.  There was one thing in my mind, but I actually wasn't going to mention it because I think I was scared.  As far as I can remember I've always agreed with my dad on every issue that was considered important.  So, naturally, I didn't want to have to disagree with him on anything.  But the issue that's been circulating in my head has to do with women wearing pants. 

The Bible says, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man..." -Deuteronomy 22:5.  So, I suppose the question would be: What pertains to a man?

I think if any of us were asked what it is that a man wears we would say "pants".  Or probably "jeans".  So, if that's what a man wears, should women be wearing jeans?  Or should we always wear skirts or dresses; this type of clothing definitely does not pertain a man.  So, in light of that should women be definitely on the safe side and just not wear jeans?  Or is there a big difference between men's and women's jeans?

The only argument I've heard about the difference between the two is that women's jeans are tighter.  And of course, what man in his right mind would wear a pair of tight pants?  But then we're confronted with question: Is it modest for women to wear tight jeans that show off their legs?

When approached with the argument a girl who wears pants might say that for the woman to wear pants today is no unusual thing.  And that's true.  It is very common to see ladies wearing that kind of clothing, and it's becoming more and more uncommon to see a woman in skirts or dresses in our culture.  But it wasn't always like that.  Of the 6,000 years our planet has existed women have worn dresses (or so it is assumed), and men wore the pants--up until the last 150 years.  Even then it was very unusual to see a woman wearing pants. 

Someone else might say that well, our culture has changed a lot since those days.  And, again, I'd have to agree.  The Lord's name is blasphemed more than ever, people are using corrupt versions of the Holy Scriptures, and women wear pants on a regular basis.  So, since the first two examples are definitely not good changes and the last is tied in with them in the same time table, is that a sign?  Or am I totally off here?

Lets switch courses for a bit and look at what a woman wears.  If you or I were asked, "What type of clothing does a woman wear?", what would we think?  I am almost certain that "skirts" or "dresses" would pop into our minds.  If not the first idea, then most likely it would be one of the first.  [If anyone agrees or disagrees with anything I say, please post a comment.  I'd like to know your opinion and what you have to say.] 

Now what if we were asked, "What's the difference between what men wear and what women wear?", what would we say?  Can we really say there's any difference today?  And if not then does Deuteronomy 22:5 tell us that women should not be wearing pants?  And if we can't say that, then we're implying that it doesn't apply to us in our day and age.  And how could we say that that passage doesn't apply to our generation?  If we said that, then we'd have to say that none of God's Holy Word applies to us today. 

I've been struggling with the idea of wanting to wear jeans.  I feel a little awkward sometimes because I know I "stick out" wearing my coulottes and skirts.  But as Christians, aren't we supposed to stick out from the world?  Or can we still be different from the world by wearing jeans?

I think that now I'd have to say that it's a matter of the heart.  Do we wish to glorify the Lord in everything?  Even in what we wear?  And if we do and the Lord really does only want us to wear skirts, then I suppose He could change our hearts.

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  1. The planet has existed 6000 years? School. Go to school.