Thursday, October 24, 2013

Near to Christ

Oh how I long for Christ to be near;
Oh how I long for blessed sweet peace;
Oh how I long for His coming to be here;
And for the day when mortal life shall cease.

I long, in midst of my trials, for Gilead's balm;
I long for the moment when Jesus shall say,
With His voice, full of love, and sweet calm,
"It is I, do not be not afraid"

Then in a moment as light sheds anew,
I see Christ is never away from His sheep;
I see and I wonder that this must be true,
How for His own glory He always will keep.

I long to be with Him and see His dear face;
Where when final breath greets, I know I'll be sent;
Up in His mansion, in the heavenly place;
Where no evil can taint and no sin can tempt.

But for right now He bids me stay.
So on this earth I make my home,
And try to bring glory to Jesus' dear name,
Till on this earth no longer I'll roam.

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