Friday, January 11, 2013

A Flower For My King

I shared this on facebook, but it was so beautiful and so touching that I decided to share on my blog as well.  The author of this poem lost his baby girl just before birth.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

A Flower for My King

As He walked amongst my flower garden
In the still of night
His eyes fell upon a blossom
Much to His delight

Though still not fully bloomed
Her time was very near
This precious little Violet
To everyone so dear

The Lord chose to pick this blossom
For His very own
To bring home to His kingdom
And display before His throne

At the coming of the morning
We arose to meet the day
Joyfully anticipating
The blooming of our babe

Completely unprepared were we
On that January eighth
For where once was joy and comfort
Was suddenly our grief

Nine long months we had been waiting
Dreaming of our first embrace
But when finally that time was come
Light was gone from her beautiful face

Beyond repair of true loves kiss
Hopes, dreams, wishes shattering
Reality there hit me
A flower for my King

Our garden isn’t empty
My other flowers remain
I now look upon my Rose and Jasmine
With a new appreciation

They daily bring us joy
Though not wholly complete
For they too longed for Ella Violet
And wish for her to meet

One day in eternity
Perhaps not too very long
I too shall go to glory
At beckoning of angel songs

Through pearly gates of splendor
Past mansions, down streets of gold
Again I’ll see my Ella Violet
Sitting beside my Jesus’ throne

I’ll cast myself before Him
At my Savior’s feet
I’ll pray that by His grace someday
My bouquet will be complete

~Jacob Close~
~10 January 2013~

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