Friday, October 21, 2011

I Almost Pulled My Eye Out!

Ok, so it wasn't that extreme.  However, I did almost pull the cornea out of my eye.  Tuesday morning was just like any other morning: I woke up, studied, did my hair, put my contacts in, ate breakfast.  It around 10 a.m. that I realized that one of my contact lenses wasn't working.  I thought that maybe I had put it in backwards, but still, I should still be able to see ok.  I'd put the lenses in backwards a few times before and nothing happened, so...But anyway, I decided to take out the lens that wasn't working and flip it around just to be sure that wasn't the problem.  Only, the real problem was I couldn't get it out! 

What was going on?  My contact lenses had stuck in my eyes a few times before and it was difficult to take them out again, but not like this at all!  I couldn't even get my finger-nail underneath the lens.   So, I decided to wait a little bit and try to take it out again later.  When I had tried 3 times, I decided I should probably call the doctor to help me get it out.

Now, I did not want to call the doctor.  If he got it out right away, I'd feel, well, pretty dumb for not being able to do it myself.  But I called the doctor anyway and asked if there was a trick to getting a stuck contact lens out.  The lady I talked to gave me a tip.  I hung up and tried what she said.  I didn't get any farther.  So, I called back and scheduled an appointment.

Mom told me that I should try one more time to take out the ornery lens 5 minutes before I had to leave.  So at 10:55, I went downstairs (to my room), got in front of a mirror and tried again.  This time I actually got a finger-nail under it!  So, I grabbed it with 2 finger-nails (they were longer than I usually let them grow) and pulled gently.  But I tell you, it felt like I was ripping my eye out!  I couldn't understand it!

So, I went upstairs and asked Dad to watch and see if he could tell if I was grabbing  the lens.  He said it looked like I had it, so I told him "But it feels like I'm pulling my eye out."  "Ok, lets go to the doctor," he said without any hesitation, and boy am I glad he did!

At the doctor's office I felt even dumber when he said that I was actually pulling on my cornea, that I didn't have a lens in my eye at all!  That explains why that lens wasn't working.  So, yes, I really did pull up part of my cornea!  *Creepy* 

The doctor told me what kind of ointment to get, then and we went home and told everyone that I had tried to pull my eye out.  It sent chills up everyones' spines, especially when Dad said that when he saw that it looked like I had the lens, he thought about telling me to just pull it and get it out of my eye.  That would not have been good.  So it's a very good thing indeed that I said that it felt like I was ripping my eye out!

Last night was the third night of putting the ointment in, and my eye is much better.  But every time I think about what I almost did, I cringe.  Who knows, I could have gone blind!  But God, in His mercy, prevented me, and I thank Him so much!


  1. where did the contact lens go? - cousin Rebecca

  2. I don't know! But it made the 2nd lens I had lost in a week! I was so mad at myself.

  3. Yeah, it hurt a little bit. :) I still can't believe I did it!